Forthcoming Teacher Training

Two very special training sessions developed exclusively for EITC teachers. Please do your best to attend - these workshops are unlikely to be repeated any time soon.

Food will be provided as usual and all travel expenses will be paid.

Teaching Unplugged Workshop

This workshop will be led by Martin Sketchley and will:

  • look at conversation-driven, materials-light, emergent language theories
  • question some contemporary views on how languages are learned
  • provide an overview of how and when to use the book 'Teaching Unplugged' and other similar titles
  • be held in both St Leonards and Eastbourne

St. Leonards

St. Leonards Shop
Monday 28th November 6:30-8:00PM


CommunityWise, Upstairs Hall
Monday 5th December 6:30-8:00PM


Teaching Beginners Workshop

This workshop will be led by Rolf Donald and will:

  • look at what it's like being a complete beginner
  • look at the problems faced by beginners (from a variety of backgrounds)
  • try out 2 teaching approaches which can be used with complete beginners from any background
  • cover techniques and tips for teaching beginners with particular emphasis on learners from non-Roman alphabet backgrounds
  • look at materials for teaching beginners from a non-Roman script backgound to read more effectively

NB. This workshop will be held in Eastbourne only


CommunityWise, Upstairs Hall
Monday 12th December 6:30-8:30PM